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November 27, 2007
Shorten your Sales Cycle with LoopFuse On-Demand

The LoopFuse team is proud to announce the availability of OneView On-Demand version 2.6. This release is a significant milestone for us, as we provide new functionality designed to help organizations bridge the marketing and sales silo effects and shorten their sales cycle through marketing and sales automation.
  • Maximize Sales Cycle Efficiency: Time is a deal-killer. LoopFuse can help you measure and reduce lost sales with its bi-directional CRM Integration, Lead Scoring, and Data Segmentation capabilities.
  • Improve Lead Quality: Strong leads produce Strong Sales. LoopFuse can help you improve lead quality with Lead Scoring and List Management, allowing marketers to determine the right follow-up actions.
  • Increase Awareness: Increase Awareness through marketing campaigns, keeping the sales pipeline full of good quality leads with LoopFuse On-Demand Campaign Management and List Management.
  • Maximize Sales per Lead: Reduce Discounting by showing customers the added value and they won’t focus on price, using targeted personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Maximize customer resell value: Identify how profitable a given customer is over time (LTV or Life-Time Value), using LoopFuse CRM Integration and Opportunity Tracking. Companies spend ten times more to acquire a customer than to keep a customer. Existing customers are more likely to purchase again, spend more money, and therefore become more profitable.
Our customers have successfully demonstrated how LoopFuse OneView has led to increased efficiency in marketing and marketing programs. With this release, we aim to bridge the gap between marketing and sales by providing a better and richer toolset to marketers and sales personnel that inevitably align efforts on both sides of the company.

If there is any doubt on what LoopFuse can do for your company, read on…

Every Month…
  • LoopFuse helps its customers close over $5 million in qualified deals.
  • LoopFuse tracks over 5 million unique visitors that view over 20 million pages.
  • LoopFuse sends out over 500,000 personalized and targeted email messages.

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