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November 7, 2007
Introducing OneView On-Demand v2.5

The LoopFuse team is proud to announce the availability of OneView On-Demand version 2.5. This release is a significant milestone for us, as we pave the way for deeper integration with CRM providers, enhanced email marketing capabilities, and continue to provide the easiest-to-use marketing and sales automation platform in the industry.
  • Marketing Dashboard: Our new marketing dashboard provides anyone with an administrator account, up-to-the-minute information on all daily lead capture and web analytics activity. Additionally, the marketing dashboard provides marketers with custom-tailored advice on how to maximize the efficiency and use of LoopFuse OneView, via the LoopFuse Recommendations link.
  • Email Campaign Personalization: Whether you are creating an HTML and/or a Text email message, Loopfuse now allows you to personalize your email content.
    • Recipient Personalization: Provides marketers with an easy way to embed custom content based on the recipient’s information, for a more personalized email message.
    • CRM Lead Owner Personalization: Allows marketers to insert content in to email campaigns, based on the lead owner’s (salesperson’s) information, acting as a catalyst and facilitator for sales-person-to-lead conversations.
  • Lead Activity Alerts: Now sales personnel can receive up-to-the-minute email alerts whenever any of their leads performs a LoopFuse-tracked activity, such as: web page hits, file downloads, web-form registrations, email campaign opens, and email campaign click-throughs.
  • CRM Lead Owner Synchronization: Our integration with major CRM providers has just expanded, by allowing LoopFuse to retrieve lead owner information from your CRM user-base, we can now associate lead owners within your CRM to LoopFuse users – giving sales personnel and marketers more control over their marketing programs and sales cycles.

For online help, remember that our online User Guide is only a click away: User Guide.

Bridging the sales and marketing silos with OneView

One of the major challenges organizations have today is bridging the marketing and sales silos. Although sales and marketing departments are inherently linked with regards to achieving business success, each group clashes in achieving their goals, while operating in silos with processes that remain unaligned.

Addressing the silo effect, means aligning goals between departments. At LoopFuse, we have demonstrated customer success in bridging the marketing and sales silos through the use of OneView, and to that end, our upcoming OneView v2.6 focuses heavily on addressing this common problem.

Listed below are just some of the items you can look forward to in our next edition, that will help you bridge the gap between marketing and sales:
  • Sales Dashboard: A comprehensive view of all lead and company activity on your website, email campaigns, and lead capture forms, allowing sales personnel to act quickly based on real-time data.
  • Lead and Company Watch Lists: Add companies and individual leads to your watch list, for up-to-the-minute activity alerts.
  • Analytics For Sales: Sales departments will soon have in-depth access to all analytics data at their finger-tips, providing deeper insight in to prospect interests and activity.
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