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4 Reasons Why LoopFuse Forms Are The Best Web-to-Lead Solution

Monday, November 28th, 2011

We’re always getting good questions from new users on the benefits of using LoopFuse in various ways. One question that seems to come up time to time is: “How do LoopFuse web forms differ from’s Web-to-Lead feature?” Web-to-Lead and LoopFuse forms do share a lot of common functions, so I think that is where the initial confusion lies. LoopFuse forms can do everything Web-to-Lead does, such as capture data, return to a Thank You page, trigger an auto-response email, and assign registrants to a specific campaign. There is quite a bit more, however, that LoopFuse forms can do for your Lead capture.

Here are a few ways that using LoopFuse can be better for capturing Leads on your website.

Want a 178% increase in deals? MarketingSherpa lays out the ROI of marketing automation in an Opsview case study

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

We announced the great results Opsview experienced from their LoopFuse deployment some time ago.  The team there is awesome and even put together a “Marketing Automation Blueprint” detailing how they use LoopFuse with

Now we can add a case study by the smart folks at MarketingSherpa to the mix.

Read the whole thing here:

Marketing Automation Case Study: One marketer’s 5 step process from vendor selection to a 178% increase in deals

“For the B2B marketer, the sale is often complex, the sales cycle can be long, and the number of leads throughout the pipeline can be simply massive. It can be daunting, but marketing automation software is a tool that can get the whole marketing effort under control.”

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Turn your product into your marketing with LoopFuse Custom Events

Monday, November 14th, 2011

This last weekend marked the release of LoopFuse v3.34.  This new release includes deeper integration for custom events within the LoopFuse feature set to include a new custom event dashboard, integration of custom events within lead nurturing programs, and scoring rules based on custom events.

Custom Events Explained

custom_eventFor those of you that missed the announcement of custom event support in our previous release, custom events allows LoopFuse customers to capture what actions their end-users are performing within their applications.  These actions, or custom events, can be anything that a customer wants to track within their application per end-user and are completely defined by the customer.

For example, a customer that has an online shopping cart would want to capture events related to checkout such as an abandoned shopping cart.  Another example would be a customer that offers an online service such as web-based video conferencing would want to capture events related to conducting a meeting such as creating a meeting and number of attendees for that meeting.

Custom Events Dashboard

The Custom Events dashboard allows LoopFuse customers to view which activities their end-users are performing over a specified period of time.  This dashboard also displays increases in volume of activities over a period of time and even which end-users are performing which actions.


Now both marketing and sales have visibility into what their end-users are doing, or in some cases not doing, in real-time.

Lead Nurturing using Custom Events

Visibility into what end-users are doing within your application is important, but being able to react to what end-users are doing is just as important.  LoopFuse customer will be able to build automated workflow programs that can include custom events within logic of their programs.

For example, using one of the previous examples of an abandoned shopping cart, a program can be built to not only detect this type of event but also email out to that end-user a special offer to bring them back and complete the transaction.

Lead Scoring based on Custom Events

Lead scoring is a great way to quickly qualify a prospect based on their actions such as viewing a pricing page or downloading a specific PDF file.  Being able to impact a prospect’s score based on their actions related to your application is also very useful.


For example, using one of the previous examples of creating an online video conferencing meeting, a scoring rule can be created to assign 5 points for every meeting an end-user creates up to a total of 15 points.  Using scoring rules such as this can quickly identify a prospect that is actively using the service to the sales team.

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We are proud to be part of our customers’ explosive growth

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Your customers always say it best and some of our favorite quotes include:

“…we love how simply it integrates with”

“As our business has grown…LoopFuse has been able to scale with us”

“As our business was growing…price point was extremely reasonable compared to…competitors”

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9 ways to make the case for marketing automation software

Monday, November 7th, 2011

This is a guest post by Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing. Read more on his Matt on Marketing blog.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to buy software. It’s a means to an ends, and often the path from cost to revenue impact isn’t always clear. Even with marketing automation software, whose inherent intention is to make your marketing efforts both more streamlined (lower cost) and more effective (higher sales pipeline output), it can be difficult to carve out the dollars necessary to get rolling.

If others in your group or organization need convincing to give marketing automation software a go, here are nine proven ways to get the thumbs-up. (more…)

4 Lead Assignment Tips for + LoopFuse

Friday, November 4th, 2011

This is guest post by Don Dalrymple, President, AscendWorks

If you have an abundance of leads from your inbound marketing system, then qualification becomes a challenge.  Your Loopfuse system should be set up for positioning your sales team to qualify and convert leads based on various criteria which are part of your Lead records.

Part of the challenge is to ensure that the flow of your Leads drives responsiveness from your sales team.  Your Lead Flows and Lead Scoring will be working in tandem to prepare a prospect for the sales engagement. (more…)

3 Tips for Content Marketing Success

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Now more than ever content plays a dominant role in your marketing plan.  They key is not the quantity of content you produce but the quality and value to your target audience.  No, I don’t mean hire a copywriter to churn out 500 word blog posts on search term optimized topics. I mean make your content strategy central to your company and focus on both the creation and distribution of it.

Here a 3 tips for content marketing success that will get you pointed in the right direction: (more…)